• To raise a great army of people who will live holy and live ready lives in order to be rewardable when Jesus returns.
  • To establish at least 300 million souls in over 150,000 churches worldwide if Jesus tarries.
  • To establish ministries as component parts of achieving our God-given objectives.



It’s our Apostolic Invasion.

It’s time to receive the marching order for this year. Having a Mandate is not enough.

You need the power to enforce it. Jesus said to the disciples not to step out on their mandate until they receive the power.

Get set for an Apostolic impartation from His choice Servant, Archbishop Sam Amaga.

Happening live on the 30th and 31st of March.

Make sure you plan your Easter around the Invasion.

See flyer for more details.

Join Us:

In-person: Transport will be provided from Stratford. More information on bus pickup times to follow shortly.

Youtube: @SalemEurope

Encounter God with Archbishop Sam Amaga

Monday - Thursday @ 6.00am: Grace to Grace Online Devotional || Thursday @ 5.30pm: Covenant Breakthrough Broadcast || Sunday from 6.00pm: Extraordinary Life Service