• To raise a great army of people who will live holy and live ready lives in order to be rewardable when Jesus returns.
  • To establish at least 300 million souls in over 150,000 churches worldwide if Jesus tarries.
  • To establish ministries as component parts of achieving our God-given objectives.

Sunday 16th January 2022


Explosive Manifestation

Beloved, it’s your season to live the extraordinary life and to make this happen, you must be willing to do something you’ve not done before.

This is the reason for the Explosive Manifestation series.

Join us tomorrow and the next three Sundays to discover the mysteries that will bring about your recovery.
The time is 10am at the sanctuary and online @salemeurope on Facebook and YouTube.
See you there!


We will have 2 bus services to and from Stratford, with the first bus departing at, 8:45am and the second bus departing at 9:20am.

Be sure to arrive on time for the bus in order to leave promptly for service.

Join Us:

Address: Unit 11C, New Horizon Business Centre, The Pinnacles, Barrows Road, Harlow, CM19 5FN

Encounter God with Archbishop Sam Amaga

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